Fraser has had a very busy few weeks! At the start of November Fraser flew to Belgium with a few other Dispensing Opticians from the UK to visit the Theo headquarters in Antwerp.

He had an intensive few day’s learning all about Theo – history and ethos of the brand, how they come up with designs for frames, manufacturing and ordering. Obviously being in Belgium he got to sample a few Belgium beers too!

The following week Fraser was then off to Birmingham for some Lindberg training. He was very excited when the email came through about the training and told me he really wanted to go. When I was looking at flights there were options for him to fly early on the Monday morning before the training or late Sunday night. Instead he opted for an early flight on Sunday morning. I was a bit confused as I thought he would want to spend the Sunday with his wife and kids. I booked the hotel and there was a lot of stuff about golf on the website so the penny dropped as to why Fraser wanted to go so early! The event was held in the Belfry so Fraser had plenty of time to check the golf course out before the training! All I can say is Fraser’s wife Lisa has some tolerance! It wasn’t all golf though! He did pick up lots of new tips during the Lindberg training and we have some great Lindberg stock on its way.