An eye test does more than determine if you see well. It’s a vital part of your overall health

At Rachel Murray Eyecare, we place the emphasis on your eyecare and you can be assured of a professional Eye Test in a relaxed consulting room using the most up to date clinical equipment.

Preventative and routine eye exams are important to maintaining good overall health.

Often, eye and vision problems do not have obvious symptoms or signs, but are easily diagnosed during an eye test. We allow 45 minutes for your eye examination this consists of a comprehensive eye health examination that analyses eye health and vision function. We are delighted to now be offering an enhanced eye examination, using the Optos Monaco, a state-of-the art retinal scanner which includes a comprehensive retinal screening. We are proud to be one of the only practices in Ireland to offer the full Zeiss Experience.

We screen for conditions such as cataract, diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

If glasses are needed, you will be guided and advised on the lenses that will suit your vision and lifestyle best as part of our Eyewear Consultation with an experienced member of our team.