Outdoor pursuits skyrocketed during the pandemic and as a result we are getting asked more and more for sport specific eyewear options.

Fraser took on the job of chief researcher to find a collection that would encompass everything that our clients were asking for – comfort, versatility, aesthetics (of course) and performance. Finding a brand that checked all the boxes was no mean feat – after plenty of searching he settled on Evil Eye sports eyewear.

The new Evil Eye sports eyewear simply does everything for you. They are immovable, thanks to their perfect fit. Tailored to your individual need. They will help you achieve your top form in every situation – be it Biking, Hiking, Running, Skiing or Golfing.

For any outdoor pursuits, protection from the elements as well as great vision is paramount, so we are delighted to say that Evil Eye is available in prescription as well as non prescription and with a wide range of lens options such as photochromatic (lenses that react to the light conditions), which are perfect for Golfing and Biking in particular.

We are delighted to be the only practice in Ireland currently carrying Evil Eye Sports Eyewear!

Call or email us today to view the collection 071 9142860 info@rachelmurrayeyecare.ie