It’s our 9th birthday and we like to celebrate! 9 years ago I was getting ready to open the doors for the first time. 9 years is a long time, there have been a lot of changes in the practice, in my life and the team’s lives. I’m sure it’s been the same for you. And thanks to your support  and encouragement the practice has grown from strength to strength each year. So we’d like to say thank you!

Because It’s Our Birthday…..

As you know, we don’t do things by halves. Our frames and lenses are the creme de la creme. And we couldn’t do an offer like this without the support of our lens suppliers Zeiss.

SO, because it’s our birthday we’re giving you…..

A FREE Second Set Of Lenses Worth Up to €700+

If you buy 2 complete pairs of glasses (frames and lenses) we will give you the lenses in the second pair free of charge.

That’s a saving of €160 to €700+ depending on the lenses you choose. We’ll give you the exact same value and quality of lenses in the second pair. If you wear single vision lenses you’ll save between €160 to €575. If you wear varifocals you’ll save between €400 to €775. 

You can use your Free Lenses Voucher for any type of lenses in Glasses or Sunglasses. 

An Opportunity To Treat Yourself…

Because It’s a new Season – September is the month of change and new things,  it’s a great time of year to change your eyewear or get some prescription sunglasses. 

Multiple look and style choices – if you’ve ever wanted to have more than one pair of glasses, you can do that now with significant savings. Enjoy a ‘wardrobe’ of eyewear.

Make life easier – with a separate pair of glasses for reading, computer work or driving. A separate pair that is specific to one task can make life easier and more comfortable for prolonged periods of work. 



Get A Free Second Set of Lenses Worth Up to €750

If you’re considering 2 pairs for practical reasons or simply because you’d enjoy your eyewear more, please make the most of our 9th birthday offer!

Our lens manufactures are helping us do this and this limited offer is available only between 1st and 30th September.

Call us today to book your appointment 071 9142860 or email the team info@rachelmurrayeyecare.ie