Save €100 Off Brand New Sunglasses This Month!

This month we are highlighting, showcasing and showing off the amazing new collection of sunglasses that we have curated for you in 2022! 

With Summer holidays just around the corner there are few accessories with the power to bring you right up to date quite like a pair of sunglasses. They’ve become a firm sartorial fixture for many. Not only do sunglasses offer the integral UV protection for your eye in the same way you use a light SPF moisturiser for your skin, but they also say a lot about you in the same way your glasses do. 

So whether you want to fly under the radar with minimalist Danish designers or take the ‘more is more’ approach then we have all the new season trends covered for you. Rachel Murray Eyecare sunglasses are as individual as you are. 

This month is your chance to see the entire sunglasses collection at the beginning of the season with the full complement of colour options and style choices and get €100 off! Read on!

Polarised sunglasses offer a world of heightened clarity and colours.  Polarised lenses eliminate glare, increase visual clarity, reduce eye strain and enhance contrast. Once you wear a pair, you’ll not want to be without them.  They are the best way to protect your eyes from glare and UV damage. They enhance your vision and make it easy to get into the habit of wearing your sunglasses more and protecting your eyes. Quite simply, they are a joy to wear!

When you get a complete pair of sunglasses from now until 21st May you’ll pay nothing for the polarised lense upgrade. That’s a saving of €100! This is offer is available not only as single vision lenses, but varifocals too! So you can read and drive in the sunshine with ease!

This offer is available with interest free payments, where you can spread the cost of your eyewear over 3-6 months for free.

If you’re considering sunglasses in time for the Summer, please make the most of this offer. Our lens suppliers, Zeiss, are helping us do this and it’s only available for a limited time only – From 7th – 21st May.