Borrowing the phrase from fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. This has been my New Year’s resolution for 2022.

Many people in the last few years have been focused on how they can be greener, kinder to the environment, less wasteful.

I read an article recently that stated how we should think of every clothing purchase as a permanent decision. So much of what we buy ends up in a landfill. Even when we congratulate ourselves on donating to charity shops, often the excess is dumped. The solution? Treat your potential clothing purchases like a potential tattoo – permanent.

While this may seem like an extreme concept, it really wasn’t that long ago that we bought thing made to last, we ‘made do and mended’. We saved up and invested in quality items. It’s time we got back to that way of thinking. Things used to be made to last – in fact there are little boutique eyewear shops cropping up selling vintage frames that have obviously stood the test of time and are still around to be used and enjoyed. 

The quality of the materials in our niche brands such as Rapp, Theo, Lindberg and Anne et Valentin are made to last. These materials are high quality acetates, titanium and medical grade stainless steel. This means beautiful hand painted metal frames with colours that look as vibrant today as they will next year. It means hand riveted and double hinged joints. It means, for the most part, being able to repair, rather than replace. 

We want our clients to enjoy wearing their glasses for years to come.


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