It isn’t often that Lindberg launch a new collection, so you can imagine our excitement when they annouced to their stockists in January that they were releasing a new design!

This ultra thin titanium collection has been massively anticipated and it’s about to drop in the practice next week!

So, Lindberg aficionados, what exactly is Thintanium you ask? Thintanium, is the embodiment of clean Danish design with its minimalistic aesthetics. The slim titanium frame gives the collection a modern sleek look that stands out in an understated way.

The collection looks almost rimless in appearance, but maintaining the stability and strength from having a full titanium front. And available to customise in the full range of Lindberg colours so you can really make them your own.

The most minimalistic designs often demands the most complex solutions. The hinge that Lindberg experts have developed for the new Thintanium collection is made without the use of screws – a durable and clean design and a signature trait of Lindberg eyewear.


Lindberg Thintanium is due to drop next week at Rachel Murray Eyecare. To view the collection call us on 0719142860 or email info@rachelmurrayeyecare.ie