Love Your Glasses Guarantee

At Rachel Murray Eyecare we stand behind the recommendations and advice we give you. Our “Love Your Glasses” Comfort Guarantee means you can’t make a mistake with your choice of eyewear.

If, for any reason, you find that the fit of your frame is uncomfortable or if you have any discomfort with the lenses within 30 days of collecting your new glasses, you can choose an alternative frame and/or lenses that will be more comfortable for you. All at no charge. We guarantee you will love your glasses!

In addition we provide ongoing aftercare service to look after your eyewear for as long as you have them.



Easy Payment Options

In addition to choices when it comes to how much you invest in your frames and lenses at Rachel Murray Eyecare, we also can spread the payments for your glasses over 3, 6 or 12 months with no extra cost and with no hassle. That way you can get the glasses that are best for you without having to compromise or delay.

You’ll wear your glasses for two years or more, so why not get the glasses you love right away and spread the cost, hassle and interest free.