It’s never the wrong time of year to think about sunglasses. While I know we may not always have the strongest sunshine in Ireland, I for one hate any kind of glare – which is why on an overcast day, or even during the Winter months, you’ll find me with my sunglasses on. 

Winter sun lies lower in the sky and can be a major headache while you’re driving especially. Sunglasses are seasonless!

Here comes the science bit!

The lighter the colour your iris is, the more photo-sensitive you are! This is why it’s essential to have a good pair of sunglasses (or three!). Squinting in bright light can give you eyestrain, headaches and *gasp* wrinkles. Not good – especially when the solution is so fun to wear!

A good pair of sunglasses are an investment and should last you for years, and it’s probably why the biggest question we get asked in the practice about sunglasses is “What shape best suits my face?” There are no rules exactly, but there are some guidelines for your faceshape that you can stick to if you want a starting point. 

The old adage of ‘opposites attract’ is the name of the game with face shapes. The idea is that if you have a round face, you choose a square style; a square face should choose a round style and so on. 

Features: Prominent forehead, wider cheeks tapering into a pointy chin.

Heart-Shaped Celebs: Reese Witherspoon and Naomi Campbell

Try: Draw attention away from the forehead with low set/keyhole bridge & graduated tints. Stick to curved shapes.

Features: Face is roughly the same length as width, with full cheeks.

Round-Faced Celebs: Mila Kunis & Emma Stone

Try: Angular shapes work best with a round face and will give definition.

Features: Face is wider than it is long, with a prominent jawline.

Square-Faced Celebs: Angelina Jolie and Gwenyth Paltrow

Try: Round/oval styles soften an angular jaw & soft curved or cat eye shapes work well.


Features: Face gently tapers towards chin, with prominent cheekbones & forehead.

Oval-Faced Celebs: Jessica Alba & Rihanna.

Try: Everything!  Oval faces are the most versatile. Just be mindful of size – smaller oval faces should choose petite styles.

Having said all that, these are just guidelines.  I’m not a fan of ‘rules’ –  they are made to be broken, so if you find a style you love, don’t worry if it doesn’t fit the criteria of the face shapes. If you love it, own it!

Once you have found the perfect pair, look after them! Keep them in their case when they’re not on you, clean them regularly with a good lens spray and microfibre cloth, don’t leave them on the dashboard of your car to warp in the heat….and try not to sit on them! If you mind them they will reward you with years or service and you will feel like a million bucks everytime you pop them on!

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