I hope that you and your family are keeping well.

In view of the latest level of restrictions placed upon us all and the three-ring media circus I thought it timely that I update and thank you for bearing with us during some of the most challenging times we’ve ever faced.

Firstly, and most important of all, I am grateful for the loyalty and patience that you, our customers, have shown us. Your support has meant that we have been able to keep the practice on track through all the uncertainty, with 100% employment in the business.

The team have been amazing, working tirelessly, adapting and re-inventing how we do things all in the name of creating the best possible customer experience. It has been challenging but very fulfilling work for us all and I’m incredibly proud of how our team have stepped-up and helped more clients than ever in the last 5 months.

While getting new glasses isn’t a matter of life and death, it has been more important than ever to many clients to have clear vision, up-to-date glasses and eyewear that looks and feels good, especially in these times where so much of normal life has been taken away from us.  If you’re spending more time looking at screens and doing things remotely and virtually then you may as well make sure you have eyewear that you love! After cancelling holidays, going stir crazy at home, unable to meet up with friends and family, there is nothing wrong with a little retail therapy and treating yourself.

While we move into Level 5 restrictions advice coming from the government has been more confusing than ever so I’ll try to provide some clarity here. 

Firstly, as an independent-minded person and business owner, I believe there is a lot to be said for using your own common sense, being considerate and doing the right thing. We can take precautions, follow the guidance and avoid unnecessary risks without putting our lives entirely on hold. Everyone has a different individual situation and only you know the right course of action for you.

To me, the continued use of ‘lockdown’ terminology is perplexing. The current restrictions are a world away from the lockdown in Spring when roads where deserted, businesses were shuttered and schools and creches were closed. So I think it’s most helpful if people unplug from the hype and fear the media is full of and just follow the guidance with common sense.

Here at Rachel Murray Eyecare we are still at your service 100% and we are helping clients with all their eyewear and eyecare needs. All throughout the pandemic opticians have been classed as essential businesses. If you feel your vision has changed or if you need new glasses for any reason, need a repair, we can help you. 

We’re taking all the necessary precautions to keep you and the team safe during your visit to the practice including;

  • Extended 50 minute appointment slots – so that you receive a relaxed, concierge style experience in a quiet and crowd-free environment. There will only be a maximum of two clients in the practice at the same time.
  • Physical Distancing – The practice has plenty of space to allow us to maintain more than the recommended 2 meters distance. For any parts of the eye exam or eyewear styling consultation where myself or the team needs to get closer, this time will be kept to a minimum and face masks will be worn. We are also using Perspex screens for added protection and piece of mind.
  • Cleaning and Sanitisation – We are following the highest standards of sanitisation throughout the practice including all surfaces being wiped down and disinfected between every appointment. All frames that you try on have been sanitised before you try them on. And we’re all following proper hand hygiene with hand washing and multiple hand sanitisation units throughout the practice.
  • Individual Service – we pride ourselves on being able to tailor the experience to your requirements so if you have any concerns or needs just let us know when you are booking your appointment and we’ll be happy to find a solution for you.

It just remains for me to express my gratitude to our amazing customers for helping us to keep the show on the road throughout.  We are grateful that you choose Rachel Murray Eyecare and we appreciate that we have been luckier than so many others throughout the pandemic, and we don’t take this for granted.

Thank You.

Best Wishes,


P.S. If you haven’t checked checked out our video explaining all our changes have a look here (it was filmed in May when facemasks were not compulsory for our customers).

To book an appointment or is you need help or advice please call or email us; email us at or call us on 071 9142860.