I am so happy to be writing this, we are now back doing what we do best – helping you look good and feel good in amazing eyewear!

Myself and the team will be back bustling with even more energy and enthusiasm and eager to please you all.

Whilst ‘no‘, ‘sorry‘, and ‘can’t‘ are the norm for typical customer service everywhere, I challenge the team at Rachel Murray Eyecare to always say ‘YES‘ and use their brains, passion and determination to find solutions for our clients. And they’re very good at it.

So, whilst there is lot’s in today’s media about all the no’s and can’t’s this pandemic is leaving us with, you can rest assured that at Rachel Murray Eyecare we are being our independent-minded selves and finding practical solutions for you.

First, here’s what hasn’t changed.

Our motto is ‘See and Be Seen’. We will continue to stand by this with our unique blend of amazing independent eyewear, unrivaled optical expertise, and customer service that is personal and makes your day!

The Rachel Murray Eyecare team are more passionate than ever about providing you with truly individual service and taking time to tailor-make an experience for you.

Rachel Murray Eyecare has always been…


Our ‘unusual’ ways came about in efforts to create the best possible experience for you. We have never looked or acted like your typical opticians.

We replaced the painful trial-and-error browsing of frames on racks with a sit-down, guided eyewear selection process that is far more enjoyable and effective at helping you find the perfect frames.

We offered clients appointments for everything so rather than just turning up and having to wait, we’re expecting you when you arrive and ready and waiting to wow you.

We set appointment times that are more than twice the industry average because we found that to provide truly individual service that gets the best results we needed to invest extra time with every client. So we were happy to see fewer people in a day in order to be able to do superior work.

We have invested in various pieces of high tech equipment that examines your eyes and takes your frame measurements digitally, so reducing the amount of time we need to spend invading your personal space!

Maybe someone upstairs is looking out for us, or maybe it is just dumb luck, but it turns out that every single aspect of how we work is now considered as pandemic-proof as you can get!

All the advice and social distancing requirements are perfectly aligned with what we already do.

All businesses will need to control the flow of people through the business. They will need to create careful choreography for the customer journey. They will need to sacrifice volume in order to do a better job of looking after their customers. They will need to slow down a little and be more thoughtful about how they operate.

Thankfully, we already do ALL of this, and we’ve found over the years it is a more enjoyable way to work and it’s the reason we have such a good relationship with our clients. So we’re grateful to be in a good position going in to this.

That said, we are also made changes and improvements to look after the health of you and our team.

Here is an update of our changes:

Lovely Hand-Sanitisation Stations at the entrance and the eyewear styling area. We’ve invested in these beauties to make it easy for you to keep your hands clean when you come to see us. They are a company that normally produce phone charging stations often seen at festivals and they have pivoted to providing hand sanitising solutions. Smart!

Sneeze Guards for the Reception Desk and Eyewear Styling Tables.
This ultra-stylish perspex is the last word in keeping you and us all safe while still being able to enjoy the interaction with a member of the Rachel Murray Eyecare team. The talented guys at Ballast Signs came and fitted these screens for us, they are 100% compatible with smiles, eye contact, and even laughter and will allow us to continue to be human beings!

Face Masks for the Team.
Let me be clear. Eyewear will always be the most important accessory for your face. Nothing will change that. Matching frames to faces and personalities is our holy grail. Nevertheless, for the time being we are going to add a face mask into the list of ‘must-have’ accessories for the season.

Myself and all the team will be sporting a face mask for any portions of your visit where we need to get closer than 2 metres to you. Rest assured, we are not going for those scary looking surgical masks on the shop floor. We have sourced some beautiful, bright, cheery masks from one of our favorite local artists Lorna Watkins. She’s selling the, from her new website Cloth of Heaven and whist your there be sure to check out her gorgeous art work.


It is a travesty when our clients are so attractive, not to mention the movie-star good looks of the team, to cover up a perfectly nice mouth and nose. But we’ll be going through this together. Your eyewear game will need to be good in the coming months because your eyewear will have to do the heavy lifting for the rest of your face. Your choice of frame will instantly say something about you to others. It will communicate who you are, your sense of style and personality. We can help in this regard.

Little Extra Touches
I mean, ‘No-Touch’ Extra Touches… sigh, it is a complicated world.
We like to build little extras into the Rachel Murray Eyecare experience and that’s why we’ve ordered branded Rachel Murray Eyecare hand sanitiser to give you as a little memento of your visit. The credit card shaped bottle is perfect for keeping in your bag or in your pocket and will always be there for you when you need to freshen up your hands. Apparently hand-sanitiser will be as valuable as bars of gold in the new normal, so this is a significant bonus just for taking a trip to the opticians.

And remember, you can still avail of our services from the comfort of your own home!

Video Eyewear Styling Consultations
Despite the restriction measures been lifted for opticians we realise some of you may not feel comfortable visiting us just yet. So we are continuing with our Digital Eyewear Styling Consultations and helping clients via video and then shipping a selection of frames for you to try on at home, with the guidance of an eyewear expert via video. If you’d like to look at new frames or sunglasses just contact the practice and we will happily assist and tell you how it works.

Phone Consultations
If video isn’t your cup of tea I’m also available for phone consultations if you have any concerns about your vision or the health of your eyes.


For everyone’s safety we will be working on an appointment only basis going forward and only one client will be in the practice at any time.

We are so excited to be restarting eye exams and to be back doing what we do best matching amazing frames to your faces!

Call us on 071 91 42860 or email
info@rachelmurrayeyecare.ie to schedule an appointment.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in the practice again.

Rachel Murray

The team at Rachel Murray Eyecare