It’s Christmas Time!

Because It’s Christmas…

Think of Christmas shopping and you’ll picture people hustling and bustling and barging into one another as they fight their way through the streets on a Christmas shopping mission. But all is not what it seems. Opticians everywhere are deserted at this time of year. Stepping off the street and walking into Rachel Murray Eyecare over the Christmas period is like walking into a calm and peaceful oasis. It puts us in a unique position to be able to offer you a Christmas shopping experience with a difference. Save €100 to €400 on your frames from Wednesday 18th December to Saturday 4th January we are having a 12 Days of Christmas End Of Year Frame Sale.

This is a frame sale which means even if you only purchase a frame you’ll still get the savings. The savings also apply to sunglasses.

An Opportunity to Treat Yourself…

✓ A New Look For The New Year – the New Year is a great time to update your eyewear and start 2020 with a more modern look!

✓ Add A New Style To Your Collection – take this opportunity to add an alternative style of glasses to your eyewear wardrobe and save €100 or more!

✓ Make Life Easier – with a separate pair of glasses for reading or computer work or distance vision. A separate pair that is specific to one task can make life easier and more comfortable for prolonged periods of work

This is a rare occurrence! Please understand this is only possible over the 12 days of the Christmas period because it’s a quiet time of year and it helps us to clear some space before the arrival of next years stock. Save €100 to €400 on Your Frames The 12 days you can get these savings are:

PLEASE NOTE WE ARE CLOSED ON THE OTHER DAYS. Call us today to arrange your appointment 071 9142860 or email info@rachelmurrayeyecare.ie with the subject “12 Days Of Christmas” to arrange your appointment.

Happy Christmas!

P.S. This is a rare occurrence! Save €100 to €400 off frames. For 12 days only – From 18th December to 4th January. Please note the days we are open and call or email for your appointment.