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We believe in investing in technology to improve the service and eye care that we offer to our customers. The new Zeiss i.Profiler measures your individual eye data with amazing accuracy allowing your lenses to be completely tailor made to meet the precise requirements for your eyes.

Eye Testing with Zeiss iprofiler , Sligo

Rachel Murray Eyecare is the only optician’s practice in Southern Ireland to provide this type of optical correction using such precise equipment.

Developed from laser technology, the i.profiler intricately measures the cornea by sending a wave of light into the eye, penetrating the cornea, pupil, lens, vitreous jelly and retina. When the light reflects back into the machine, it is processed to assess the effect that the shape of the cornea had on the light beam.

The i.Profiler, using innovative 'wavefront technology', will assess if the common problem of eye distortion is present and if so, whether or not it needs correction. This will depend on how significant the distortion is. The results of the i.Profiler eye examination process are merged with your usual eye test to form the i.Scription.

The i.Scription enables us to supply an exact solution to your eye condition, whatever it may be. If you do have eye distortion, and it is corrected with Zeiss lenses, you may be very pleasantly surprised by the improvement in the quality and clarity of your sight.

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