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Children's Sports Eyewear

Children are especially vulnerable to eye injuries because they often don't consider that their eyes, and possibly a lifetime of healthy vision, are at stake. Wearing protective eyewear whilst playing sports will not only ensure their safety, it will improve their performance and enhance their enjoyment of the sport. Some sports organisations insist on protective eyewear worn for children who normally wear glasses, as regular spectacles can cause injury to the face and eyes during a collision with a ball or another child.

There are a number of different protective eyewear options availabe, depending on the sport. For low impact sports, where your child simply needs to be able to see clearly and have their glasses stay in place while they play, consider a 'soft' plastic frame with a strap or frame 'locks' that will keep the frame from slipping or falling off. With these types of frames, it is often the material, rather than the design which sets them apart, meaning that these are a great choice for 'everyday' wear.

children's active frame for sportschildren's active frame locks


'Active' frames are designed for everyday active wear. Made from soft Grilamid and rubber, they are lightweight, flexible and comfortable. Each frame comes with a contrasting, removeable frame 'lock' to keep the frame secure.

Please note that although these frames are designed for active wear,  they are not approved as a safety option for contact sports. We recommend these frames for active kids who are maybe a little bit hard on their glasses! For the backyard, the playground and the school yard.


children's silicone frame locks


Silicone frame locks are available to purchase seperately and fit most frames. These are a great addition to any frame to keep them more secure during activities such as running. These are available in a huge variety of colours and fit adult frames too.

children's sports goggles



Sports Goggles are approved as safety eyewear for sports such as football, squash and GAA, where a child may come into contact with another player or a ball. These googles sit close to the face and come with a elasticated strap to keep them in place. These goggles can be fully glazable into your child's prescription, ensuring great vision. Adults sizes also available to order.





Contact lenses may be an option for your child and are very safe for contact sports. Contact us for more information or to request an appointment.

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