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Tennis players need sunglasses that satisfy the demands of the sport. They must enhance their clarity of vision under a wide range of lightening conditions. A good place to start is to follow these guidelines: 

  • Fit: For sports especially, choose a pair of sunglasses that fits snugly, so that you are not getting sunlight leaking in from above or below. Have them fitted and adjusted professionally so that they stay on while you play. Adjustable silicone nosepads are great if you often play in hot weather, as they will keep their grip.
  • UV Protection/Polarising Lenses: Protect your eyes from harmful UVA/UVB rays or choose a polarised option to reduce glare and enhance colour and contrast. This option is highly recommended and also comes with 100% UV protection.
  • Lens Colour: Choose a lense colour most suitable to the conditions in which you play, see specific brand recommendations below.
  • Style: There are no specific recommendations of the style of a frame for tennis, which means you can choose something that will look great on and off the court!

Maui Jim

Benoit Paire -pro tennis player, wearing Maui Jim sunglassesFlavia Pennetta, tennis player wearing Maui Jim Sunglasses


Again, Maui Jim's are favoured with the pro players; including Flavia Pennetta & Benoit Paire. This is because Maui Jim offer a range of colour options, delivering amazing clarity and contrast.

They do recommend their Maui Rose lense specifically for fast-moving sports such as tennis, but all of the lense colours will provide great detail, making the tennis ball more visiable against the court.

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