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Make sure your able to see perfectly under the water as well as above! Protective eyewear is essential for swimming, diving, and snorkelling. Prescription options are safer than wearing contact lenses underwater, especially if you are in the water for long periods.

Prescription Swimming Googles

prescription swimming goggles


If your a regular swimmer and usually wear glasses, prescription swimming googles are an essential part of your kit. Prescription goggles are available in blue or grey and come with adjustable nose bridge and straps, just like any non-prescription options. Replacement parts are available to order too, once you've worn yours out! They come in both adult and junior sizes.




Diving Masks

prescription diving masks


Prescription diving masks are possible using a glazable insert that sits inside the mask, holding the lenses. This is a great option as the same mask can be used for years, even if your prescription changes, as the inserts can be reglazed again and again. The masks are made from 100% hypo-allergenic silicone, and are available in adult and junior sizes.

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