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Produced from 100% USA-Grown Cotton, M49, which was first released with ACE, is a revolution that represents the future of eyewear. ZEAL are proudly the most sustainable sunglass company in the world and M49 is the next step in their commitment to living, creating, and being greener. They partnered with the renowned Mazzucchelli family to build a sunglass that is both ecological and fashionable— one that is a tribute to the heritage of quality Italian handcrafted eyewear.

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During its lifetime, M49 is similar to any other sunglass material, and only begins to biodegrade when disposed of.

M49 will biodegrade in low oxygen (anaerobic) environments as the result of microbial reactions with the material that are significantly less effective in open and oxygenated conditions.

Simpler. Greener. Better.

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