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Etnia Barcelona Sunglasses are made with toughened natural crystal lenses. They provide 70 times better vision than any plastic lens. Non-prescription wearers can choose from the following options in any frame, using lenses by Barberini SpA in Italy.

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Polarised Lenses

Polarised lenses minimise glare, as they eliminate reflections at certain angles from surfaces such as water, snow or sand, giving optimum vision. They improve contrast, reduce eye fatigue, increase definition and care for the eyes like no other lens.

Photochromatic Lenses

Photochromic lenses are manufactured using technology that responds to light intensity and eliminates ultraviolet radiation by changing lens intensity from clear to dark depending on the environment. Recommended for light irises, driving, frequent changes from inside to outside and vice versa so that they can be used throughout the day at different light levels. 

HD Lenses

Lenses used in Etnia Barcelona eyewear are made using a sandwich embedded between the mineral lens, which enables the intensification of primary colors, thereby allowing high definition (HD) vision. They guarantee better contrast and a more clearly defined view of surroundings. 

Each style is also available to be glazed into your prescription.


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Wild Love In Africa

Etnia Barcelona's current sunglasses range includes a capsule collection called 'Wild Love In Africa'. A collection inspired by wild Africa; by its colours, its wildlife, its intensity, its enduring love.

With these models, they present the entire range of acetate glasses with animal prints and natural designs like leopard, zebra, horns, wood… always combined with the hint of colour that defines them.


See their gorgeous ophthalmic frames here.

'Wild Love in Africa' collection Etnia Barcelona sunglasses'Wild Love In Africa' sunglasses with metal bridgeZebra print Etnia Barcelona sunglassesEtnia Barcelona sunglasses with coral metal bar and bridge

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